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Code of Ethics & Confidentiality Policy


Nonprofit Network is committed to maintaining professional standards of competence, fairness and objectivity. Nonprofit Network will avoid the impression of impropriety. 


Confidential Information

All business conducted by Nonprofit Network will be governed by strict confidential standards.


1.   While maintaining transparency regarding business practices, Nonprofit Network will regard as confidential all non-public information obtained during the course of its professional assignments. Information given in a public setting has no expectation of confidentiality.


2.   Nonprofit Network may not use their position, or confidential information acquired in the course of his/her duties, to further personal interests or secure privileges for him/herself or others, other than agreed upon compensation.


3.   Nonprofit Network personal interest includes a direct or an indirect financial or non-financial benefit for oneself, a relative, or a business, that otherwise would not have received the benefit except for its close relationship with Nonprofit Network.




Nonprofit Network will serve members and clients professionally and ethically. Each person will be treated with dignity and respect.


Conflict of Interest

Nonprofit Network will avoid circumstances which could be construed to have the potential for conflict of interest or be in violation of the three legal duties of a board member: Duty of Care, Duty of Loyalty, Duty of Obedience.


Reporting Possible Violations 

Nonprofit Network maintains an “open door” policy to communicate possible violations of the Code of Ethics or any Nonprofit Network procedure. All communications of this nature will be kept in strictest confidence and will be investigated by the board thoroughly and fairly. (Please see Nonprofit Network Whistleblower policy for reporting procedure.)


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