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Somebody Say Something!  -  by Regina Funkhouser


How Not to Embarrass Meryl Streep OR
Just Because You Can Build 130 Schools in Central Asia
Doesn’t Mean You Can Run a Nonprofit

In the past few weeks, two articles have caught my attention, other examples of how good people with good intentions can get very off course. 

One of the articles is about Greg Mortenson, the “Three Cups of Tea” author and his nonprofit (Central Asia Institute, CAI) that built more than 130 schools in Central Asia. Greg Mortenson was charged with misuse of donated funds by the State of Montana and must now repay his own charity $1 million. 'Three Cups' author to stay with CAI  

The investigation found that “Mortenson had little aptitude for record keeping or personnel management, resulting in still-unknown amounts of cash earmarked management costs or wired overseas for projects without receipts or documentation on how that money was actually spent, the report said.” 

The charity was run by a board of three people – Mortenson and two other board members who were Mortenson loyalists and who generally did not challenge him. The report also indicated that he resisted or ignored CAI employees who questioned his practices.

The other is an article about the National Women’s History Museum, which boasts Meryl Streep as its largest and most visible donor. Continue Reading



Don't Get Buried in Grant's Tomb - Pansophy for Nonprofits by Diane


This month's topic:
A Lemonade Stand


Grants are a highly valuable source of funding however, we all know, there are no guarantees. So what next? Any well thought out fundraising plan (organization’s income strategy) should include a diverse number of funding sources: appeal letters, special events, fees for services or programs, and miscellaneous donations. One thing that often gets overlooked as a meaningful funding stream is Earned Revenue. Earned revenue is basically income from selling goods or services directly related to your organization’s mission. That is the key, earned income which is directly related to the mission of your organization does not jeopardize the organization’s tax exempt status.

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Get your grant writing questions answered here! Diane McDonald, Education & Training Director, will be fielding the tough questions you've been asking. Share your grant writing struggles and successes with us and each month she will post your comments, suggestions, or answer your questions on how NOT to get buried in grant’s tomb!









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South Central Michigan Works

JobFit Site!


Did you know that 63% of all hiring decisions are made in the first 4.3 minutes of the interview? (SHRM Study, reported in USA Today)


Many hiring practices used today include interviewing, background checks, and some form of testing to see if the person measures up to the benchmarks established by the employer. The resume allows you to look at the persons past employment, education attainment and skill sets achieved. The interview allows you to judge the persons appearance, demeanor, communication style and then your hiring decision is based on the person by considering their past and the present performance without any future indicators if the person is a good choice other than a “gut feeling.” Most employers hire on competence and fire on fit. There are only three places to fix people problems, during the selection process, through coaching and training or by replacing the employee which is in itself costly and most business can’t afford to be in the constant hiring and training mode. The question is, “is there a better way to hire and train new employees?” The answer for you may be JobFit.


JobFit is available to you through South Central Michigan Works!. It is an internet based system that performs two critical functions for both the job seekers and employers. Job seekers coming into SCMW one stop centers can log onto JobFit and do a self directed assessment that will measure their math, reading, education abilities. During the assessment they will create a resume and most important a pattern of themselves that will show them their strengths and aptitudes leading them into better education and career choices. The resume will become part of an electronic pool of resumes and patterns for employers to drawn future employees from. Read more...


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If so, your event may be eligible to receive advertising assistance from the Jackson County Convention & Visitors Bureau. Submit your event (with necessary application form completed) to the JCCVB for possible assistance with advertising your tourism promoting event.


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Welcome to our new members, and to all our member renewals, those who attend workshops,
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Organizations and individuals who have joined
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Lori Gordon - Consultant

Eileen Lehnert - Consultant

H.O.P.E. Helping Owners with Pet Expenses

Jackson Audubon Society

Southeastern Dispute Resolution Services

Eaton Community Palliative Care

Kara Dominique

Lenawee Great Start

SIREN / Eaton Shelter

Women's Center of Greater Lansing

Coaching for Life

Michigan State Auctioneers Association

The Hive at First Presbyterian Church of Jackson

Alzheimer's Assoc. MI Great Lakes Chapter

Boys & Girls Club of Lenawee


Greater Foothills Helping Hands, Faith in Action

Jackson County Recovery Court

Linked Hearts Volunteers - Ghana

Michael Ivers


Upcoming events

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Wondering how to quickly build a faithful following on Facebook?

Whether it’s Facebook’s complexity or simplicity that has you stymied, if you put in just a little effort for 10 days you can boost your Facebook interactions by 10, 20, even 30 percent or more.

  • Evaluate successful Facebook pages
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Leadership Book Club - April 26, 2012

TouchPoints: Creating Powerful Leadership Connections in the Smallest of Moments (J-B Warren Bennis Series)


Most leaders feel the inevitable interruptions in their jam-packed days are troublesome. But in TouchPoints, Conant and Norgaard argue that these - and every point of contact with other people—are overlooked opportunities for leaders to increase their impact and promote their organization's strategy and values. Through previously untold stories from Conant's tenure as CEO of Campbell Soup Company and Norgaard's vast consulting experience, the authors show that a leader's impact and legacy are built through hundreds, even thousands, of interactive moments in time. The good news is that anyone can develop "TouchPoint" mastery by focusing on three essential components: head, heart, and hands.


The Carnegie branch of the Jackson Public Library has offered to host the monthly meetings and also has the technology to do a podcast. Books are available for checkout - many in ebook formats! Join us for the discussion on April 26, 2012! We will begin at noon in the Carniegie Auditorium. Click here to register.



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