Our Policies

Nonprofit Network's policy committee has spent a considerable amount of time building our policies so that we can share them with other nonprofits.  We review them every 2-3 years ensuring they build good structure and good culture.  We ask ourselves if the policies create better systems.  We screen our policies to ensure they don't discriminate and support inclusive work culture. 

Feel free to use them.  We have intentionally provided them as editable documents so that you can make them your own. 

Please note the these policies work for our size, scope and life cycle.  Organizations much smaller or much bigger will need to pay particular attention to issues that require scaling. 

Accounting Policies

Benefit Review Policy 

Board Recruitment Policy


Code of Ethics

Conflict of Interest Policy

Confidentiality Policy

Credit Card Security Incident Response Plan

Disaster Recovery Plan

Document Retention Schedule

Document Retention Policy

Electronic Security

Employee Handbook

Executive Director Interview Guide

Executive Director Job Description

Executive Director Search Committee Guidelines

Executive Director Succession Plan

Meeting Minutes Policy

Teleworking Policy 

Volunteer Policy

Whistle Blower Policy

Whistle Blower Complaint Procedure

Workplace Safety

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