Organizational Assessment

Similar to a property inspection, an organizational assessment can not only point out some obvious focus areas, but also identify - through the eyes of a seasoned professional - some blind spots that if left alone could cause serious damage to your foundation. 

There are many different types and Components of organizational assessments to choose from

  • Policy Review
  • Principles and Practices
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 
  • Board Review
You may need one or all of these.  Organizational assessments are great to do before or in conjunction with a strategic plan but are also very effective when done as part of operational planning.   Organizational assessments can focus on governance, operations, strategy, mission, and programs.  

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Sometimes you don't know what you don't know.  Nonprofit Network starts with understanding where your organization is and then uses a combination of best practices checklists, interviews, surveys, and policy review.  

The result is a service or action plan that not only prioritizes a list of what should be done, but then provides recommendations about how to get the work done. 

Your budget size, number of employees, how long you have been in existence, how long your Executive Director has been in their position all matter when determining which organizational assessment is right for you.  Click here to request a conversation with one of our consultants who can talk through the process with you.  

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