“The community issues that nonprofits were established to address are always complex. For me, it's truly a pleasure to participate with mission-driven people to enhance team performance and ultimately make headway on these issues that impact lives."

Tom Williams
Capacity Builder

Tom is a Capacity Builder who sees nonprofit organizations from a “team” perspectivemany moving parts, each having a significant role to play in mission accomplishment.  When each member masters their individual role, the ultimate success of the team comes down to how well the players interact.  Capacity building is about enhancing this role clarity, increasing team member skills and assisting the team to relate more effectively among themselves and with the community.  

Building on his time as an Executive Director, Tom has been working with nonprofits since 1996 to enhance these key capacity building areas through individual coaching sessions, group facilitation and topic-specific workshops.

Tom delights in contributing to individuals, groups, or entire teams having a breakthrough toward a stronger team.  From his perspective, it’s these strong, results-focused teams that realize change in their communities.

Nonprofit Network

2800 Springport Rd.
Jackson, MI 49202
Phone: (517) 796-4750

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