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Introducing Our New Consultant: Stormy Trotter

Wednesday, October 20, 2021 5:18 PM | Tracey Wilson (Administrator)

We are so excited to present you with one of the newest members of Nonprofit Network's staffStormy Trotter!  With extensive experience in organizational management, board development, communication and consulting, Stormy brings her unique perspective to offer nonprofits seeking to make change and build capacity. We'll let Stormy introduce herself. 

Stormy Trotter, PhD.
Capacity Builder

As the first of four new Capacity Building Consultants with Nonprofit Network, I am excited to start off the with my introductory blog post. It’s a great way for me to share more about my professional experience, as well as provide insight into my perspective on “helping nonprofits succeed.” 

First off, I consider myself to be a well-rounded nonprofit enthusiast.  I have served mission-oriented organizations in various capacities, from volunteer to Board of Director and many roles in between.  The early part of my career was spent in fundraising, event planning, grant writing, marketing, and donor relations.  While raising funds and promoting organizations is often a challenging part of nonprofit management, it’s rewarding to feel as though you are directly contributing to the success of the organization.   

The time spent creating and building relationships, as well as advocating for services, was really the catalyst for me to take a deeper dive into the nonprofit sector.  Not only did I want to help spread messaging and bring in dollars for programs and operations, I wanted to help make a bigger impact overall; to work in purposeful ways to achieve goals. This realization allowed me to branch out and become immersive in strategic planning, board development, community relations/collaborative partnerships etc.  As time progressed and my involvement broadened, becoming a consultant was a natural fit.  It is this career seat that allows me to work with various nonprofits in multiple ways. 

Every nonprofit organization (NPO) is unique with its own characteristics and culture, which means a cookie cutter approach isn’t the most effective way to reach goals and objectives.  As an educator and communication specialist, my mission is to help organizations find their voice and use it to propel their mission.  Each organization has its own story, its own cause and its own driving force to make a difference.  However, too many times, NPO leaders are understaffed, have difficulty transitioning from "for profit" to "nonprofit", struggle with underperforming boards or are just plain burnt out.  As a consultant, it is my objective to help reignite the passion in those organizations, or to keep a torch lit as a new leader steps into a role for the first time.   

Whatever season, or life cycle a NPO is in, there are ways to be successful and I am driven to help with that accomplishment.  I have a wealth of professional and academic experience, but more than that, I have the ability to view situations from a humanizing perspective.  I understand the investment and commitment it takes to move NPOs forward, and I look forward to taking the journey with all of you!  

You can learn more about Stormy and our other staff HERE

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