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Introducing Our New Consultant: Anne Williams

Thursday, November 11, 2021 11:48 AM | Tracey Wilson (Administrator)

We are so excited to present you with our latest new members of Nonprofit Network's staff—Anne Williams!  With extensive experience in organizational management, board development, communication and consulting, Anne brings her unique perspective to offer nonprofits seeking to make change and build capacity. We'll let Anne introduce herself here.

Anne Williams
Capacity Builder

My commitment, passion and immersion with nonprofits come from a deep knowing that my mission in life is to use my expertise and experience to make a positive difference in my community, state and beyond. I understood from a very early age that everyone is different, with different needs, needing different support, and embraced differences and the understanding. An early life experience which shaped that understanding was my younger brother (2 years younger), born mentally and physically handicapped. I as his big sister tried to make sure that he got to school, that other kids did not bully him or beat him up, and as an adult to help him achieve his dreams and his purpose in life. Nonprofits have played an important role in providing support and opportunities for him.

Once aware of the nonprofit sector, I volunteered with many organizations and joined or was asked to join many boards locally, in the state, and nationally. I invested extensive time, talents and monetary resources with organizations, all with important missions and their story to share with others.  I was honored to be able to walk with those organizations and be part of the mission, contributing in any and all ways possible, as I was able to. It did not matter size of budget, lifecycle stage, or if the organization was struggling, surviving, or thriving. I share my expertise, experience in board development and governance, strategic planning, organizational assessments, executive coaching, facilitation, training, and building relationships. I shared freely, walking with others in each organization and those served in the community, a deep knowing that I was living my mission and vision.

Then for over 20 years, I consulted with nonprofits so I could be part of an even wider number of organizations and had opportunities throughout the United States in all sectors. My commitment, passion and expertise grew; sharing additional experience and expertise including data analytics and evaluation for impact, strategic and innovative thinking, evaluating and redefining processes, performance management and excellence, and leadership development.  I also had opportunities to be interim ED for a few nonprofit organizations.

And then the pandemic! This past 20 months has been life changing – personally and professionally with reflection, re-evaluation, and change. The pandemic impacted everyone, every organization, and those that each organization serves. During the pandemic and especially after a loved one passed away in my arms, my deep desire and passion for using my experience and expertise increased even more.  Joining Nonprofit Network, an unbelievable team working cohesively and synergistically together has provided me an even greater opportunity to strengthen nonprofit governance and management, transforming the world with the values of diversity and inclusion, integrity, respect, and continuous learning.

May I walk with you, your nonprofit, and board and provide guidance and support to challenge you to push past what may have been done before the pandemic and explore different approaches of thinking and operating?  Allow me to facilitate and help you reflect on the lessons learned before the crisis and throughout the crisis and reimagine some or all aspects of your organization. How may I be of service that your nonprofit not only survived the storm but grows, changes, and transforms to a sustainable and vital nonprofit organization?

You can email or learn more about Anne and our other staff HERE

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