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Pushing Good into 2022

Thursday, November 18, 2021 4:46 PM | Tracey Wilson (Administrator)

Regina Pinney
Executive Director

November brings a sense of relief that we have made it through a second year of the pandemic, and I have far too high of hopes that 2022 will be less… Less stressful, less divided, less scary, less uncertain,  and less restrictions. 

With less of all the bad we make room for “more good”.  Nonprofit Network has been actively utilizing 2021 to clear ample space for lots of more of the good in 2022.

A great friend sent me a very short and concise blog by Seth Godin.  The blog, titled Pushing, pulling and Leading, reads:

Tug boats don’t usually tug. They push.

That’s because pushing is more mechanically efficient than pulling. When we pull, there’s tension and slack in the ropes, and the attachment between the puller and the pushed keeps changing…

I began to reflect that the pandemic has been tugging at us, creating tension and slack. And our attachment to the pandemic keeps changing, creating more tension and even more slack.

I like the idea of pushing as mechanically efficient.  And we at Nonprofit Network have been pushing to make good change, good room and good energy. 

We spent much of the last two years asking ourselves, our board, staff, members and partners good questions:

  • What changes do we need to make to be our best selves so we can be mentally and physically available to serve those who need us?
  • Who do we need to be right now to serve our communities well?
  • What – or who – do we need to protect?
  • What – or who – do we need more of, in order to be who we need and want to be?

Some of the answers were obvious, some were hard, but all pointed toward growth.

Our board made a commitment that we would seek and request all available dollars and strategically invest in the success of our members.  We provided almost all of our workshops in 2021 at no cost, invested in resources and research to ensure access to all of our services and will add evaluation and learning management tools in the first quarter of 2022.  We continue to examine our own systems, dismantling barriers and building relationships with communities all over.

One of the most significant investments we made was to grow our team, investing in highly skilled, diverse experts to help people with the increasingly complex issues that nonprofits face today and will continue to face in 2022 and 2023. 

We’ve added four new consultants, and I invite you to get to know them better. You can read their bios and reach out to schedule a virtual coffee by emailing them today click here. We have been introducing them weekly and I guarantee you, as amazing as their bios sound, they are even more incredible when you meet them and they'd love to hear from you. We will also welcome our 5th new staff member, Alyssa, on November 29th.  Alyssa will focus her efforts on outreach, ensuring that nonprofits not only know what resources and services are available to them, but then connecting nonprofits to these resources.  She will be a tugboat, pushing nonprofits to the resources, staff and tools they need.

2022 will be a good year.

You can email or learn more about all our staff HERE

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