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Trust: Simple Word, Complex Concept

Thursday, March 17, 2016 11:20 AM | Tom Williams (Administrator)

The word is printed on our money, in political ads, blazoned across product advertisements and blaring from our media sources. We use the word often. TRUST.  It is often misunderstood and sometimes “trust” seems like an evasive concept. In the nonprofit world, this idea about building trust is crucial to our donors, clients, stakeholders and partners. But I’m not sure we truly focus on building and safeguarding trust. We need to better understand and keep on the front burner as we make decisions as staff and board members in our organizations.

Some might say that trust is primarily about one's character. But in reality, there is a formula for building and maintaining trust: competence, respect and integrity. You can have complete confidence in someone's character, but if you don't know that he or she has the ability and the willingness to follow through and a willingness to listen—in short, that the person is able to accomplish the task—then trust is absent.

Trust not a soft concept, but rather a hard and clear element that is critical in all relationships, especially those between nonprofit and the community, nonprofit staff and boards and among colleagues. When trust is in low supply, things move slower and opportunities (think resources!) get missed. I encourage you to look at your professional relationships--with your board, with your executive director, with your staff and with your community and intentionally work to build, reinforce and, if necessary, repair trust.

Nonprofit Network has resources and tools available to help you build trust within and around your organization and to strengthen your team. Contact Tom today or call us at 517-796-4750 to have a conversation about how we might facilitate that process for you.

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