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Friday, July 15, 2016 6:54 AM | Katena Cain (Administrator)

Nonprofits and community-based, grassroots organizations are on the front lines of promoting the health and well-being of local communities – serving as a safety net for social services, offering training and education, promoting cultural arts and acting as advocates and facilitators for individual and community voice.  Faced with the concentration and persistence of inequities facing low income communities and people of color, Nonprofit Network provides Bridges Out of Poverty as a problem solving approach. 

Many of our community problems are persistent because we continually look through the lens of our own worldview, which is made up of how we “learned the world,” and not through the mental models of those who “face the world.”


Participants who have attended our Bridges Out of Poverty workshops have walked away with a myriad of concepts and strategies.  One participant said, “for years, I have been working in my community, serving low-income families. But it was not until I had my own aha! moment at a Bridges Out of Poverty Workshop, that I began to better understand poverty and what my clients were up against. So many missing pieces of the poverty puzzle came together in my mind. Besides adjusting some of my own practices when caring for families in poverty, now I am a much stronger advocate for change in our policies and procedures in delivering services to those in poverty.”

If you're ready to address poverty in a comprehensive way, reach out to me.  Bridges Out of Poverty has the potential to transform your programs and the way you serve those who live in poverty. 

Katena Cain, Nonprofit Management Consultant

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