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Setting Priorities

Monday, September 16, 2019 4:18 PM | Tom Williams (Administrator)

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Setting priorities. But isn't it all important? Let's envision a world where all of the important tasks have been accomplished and only the least important things are delayed until tomorrow—or are even dropped from the to-do list entirely. 

Would you feel less stressed about your organization’s future? Would you feel more accomplished about your day? Would you feel more in control of meeting your organizational mission? 

There are several techniques for setting priorities and working more efficiently. The first step in all of them is to stop doing something. 

Stop being re-active. 

Stop going with the flow.

Being aware that the “most urgent” item, whether it’s the pinging of your phone or the next item on the list, is not the most important item. It is your first step towards taking control of your time. Once you reach this point in your journey, it’s all about task analysis and adopting the techniques that agree with your style of work.

Need more ideas on how to accomplish this? Feel free to contact me and we can talk through the process of setting priorities and identifying systems and techniques that work for you.

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