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6 Strategies to Make Your Grant Application Stand Out

Tuesday, July 17, 2018 9:48 AM | Deleted user

Victoria Reese
Capacity Builder

Grant reviewers have to quickly sift through numerous applications to narrow the pool to those most promising. The proliferation of nonprofit organizations and increased competition for resources calls on organizations to write stellar grant proposals to secure funding.

How do you set your organization apart from the competition when several of you are vying for the same dollars?

Don’t let a poorly written proposal finds its way into the “no” pile because you didn’t give adequate time and thought to the process. Awareness of successful strategies may be all you need to get the jump on the competition.

Here are 6 strategies to make Your grant application stand out in a competitive world:

1. Research! Research! Research!

Find a funder that fits. Don’t just chase the dollars. Make sure the funder and opportunity aligns with your mission and values.

2. Do your homework.

Provide a creative/compelling solution to a community problem in the narrative. Be succinct. Tell who is going to benefit, how, and why it’s important. Your narrative should support your niche and be backed by trends and data. This is your chance to gloat.

3. Demonstrate competence.

Provide a clear understanding of your experiences, expertise, and resources that qualifies your organization to be best suited to carry out the work.

4. Collaborate.

Many organizations cringe at the thought of this however, collaborative efforts often see wider impact. Sometimes, the most unlikely partners will allow us to meet our consumer’s needs in ways not previously thought so think outside the proverbial box.

5. Outcome evaluation.

As you consider sustainability it is important to ensure that you can meet your deliverables and tell the story of what has changed for your participants, community, or families as a result of your program. Being able to do so is critical in receiving future funding from the grantor.

6. Give careful thought to your budget.

It should reflect the story told in the narrative and provide a clear connection to the goals you want to establish. The budget provides the framework and an inflated or unrealistic budget can ruin a solid grant proposal.

Unfortunately, all grant applications are not funded but denial is not failure. Use these opportunities to reassess, ask for feedback, and make adjustments moving forward.

Looking for more help?  Attend Grant Writing's Optimum Role In Your Organization.

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