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A #FoodieFriday with NN!

Tuesday, February 02, 2021 9:01 AM | Tracey Wilson (Administrator)

Defining Diveristy

In honor of Black History Month, we are celebrating the contributions that African Americans have made to American history as well as the diversity that is all around each of us every day. 

Hopefully you're enjoying our Facebook posts, and have visited our DE&I website page.

Last year we celebrated as an organization by posting some of our favorite recipes on "Foodie Fridays" and we'd like to share this with you all again along with some additions. 

sorry,,, food excites us....

Please enjoy these wonderful and multi-cultural recipes that the staff here at NN grew up on and we hope they inspire you to re-create them in your own homes!

Katena Cain One of her favorite dishes that she insists you must try this black history month comes from this food blogger, Cooks With Soul;

Braised Short Rib Meatloaf

Image result for noodle kugel"

Sharon Castle - Sharon's family recipe comes from her Aunt Florence with whom she enjoyed many wonderful dinners.  When Sharon started cooking, her Aunt gave her the cookbook that included this recipe which she still loves to this day;  Noodle Kugel

Jessica Chipman - Jessica's family recipe comes from her Busia Freda, who was an amazing cook! Golumpki's are a staple in many polish homes so when her Aunt & Uncle decided to put together a family recipe book, they made sure to include this one! Any day that golumpkis are for dinner is a good day!  Golumpki Recipe

Tracey Wilson - Growing up on the east coast surrounded by so many bakeries we always had fresh bread around. But when I moved to MI many years ago I found myself craving a good artisan bread I could sop up all the goodness at mealtime with, so I dug into my roots, enjoy!  Irish Brown Bread

Laura Fuller - Laura's recipe comes from her middle eastern background,  and is one of sweet  indulgence. She also likes adding an american twist and using pecans! She says this may look difficult, but make it once and you'll find it becoming a regular go to recipe! *As long as it's not too humid out!  Baklava

Regina Pinney - Growing up in the Midwest, Regina was raised within the confines of the Betty Crocker Cook Book & casseroles were adored – yum..  Cream of whatever with noodles! 

This one is her favorite from her childhood (oddly, there is a dispute with her siblings about the actual list of ingredients, what order to add things and how long to cook it.  But this is her blog so she gets to do it her way.)  Corn, Beef & Noodle Casserole

Katena Cain - This dish takes her back to her childhood. Her Mom had her staples and liked cooking this dish. When Katena met her now husband, this was one of the first dishes that he cooked for her and that's when she knew he was a keeper ;) This is now one of her regular "go to" recipes. 

Louisiana catfish with okra & corn

Dorothy Svinicki - Dorothy’s recipe comes from her Aunt Helene. This Kringle truly is easy and so delicious!  The dough is made the night before and Auntie would often have it ready for her first thing in the morning when she would go to stay.  With the size of her family, you wouldn’t want to sleep in, there may not be any left! Easy Kringle

Southern Baked Mac and Cheese | Kraft What's CookingEmerald Pruitt - NN's "new" Consultant Support Specialist (we're working on her website profile) - Growing up, no matter what the event was. My grandma always made baked mac and cheese. She grew up in the south (we can all agree that the southern parts of the states have some delicious foods and recipes). No dinner was ever complete without her delicious southern style mac and cheese. Now that she is gone, I plan on continuing her tradition.
Southern Baked Macaroni & Cheese

We hope you enjoy this blog post and it inspires good conversations and awareness within your own organization in honor of Black History Month.

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