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How do we shape what’s normalized?

Thursday, May 14, 2020 6:46 PM | Tracey Wilson (Administrator)

Regina Pinney
Executive Director @ NN

As our Stay at Home Order winds down, we have some decisions to make. 

The pandemic has emphasized (didn’t reveal – we knew they were there all along) disparities, inequities and discrepancies.  Need proof? Review the articles cited below;

We are hearing that we won’t return to normal. I am totally OK with that and am excited that we have an opportunity to work toward a new, improved better normal.  And I want all of us to really focus on what we choose to be our new normal. 

In an article entitled "For a More Equitable America, Understand Race and Racism as Actions We Do and Can Undo", the authors say this: "Americans have an opportunity to recognize and understand race in ways they never have before, ways that will help us transform and rebuild American society to be stronger and fairer to all."

As we re-create and fix our broken systems, every nonprofit must begin and/or strengthen the ways we are addressing social inequities, and this work must become part of our mission and be included in everything we do.

This will be hard work and will require us to fully address our own biases and how biases are baked into our systems.

The article asks us to reflect on some very difficult questions:

  • Have I accepted racial inequality in the issues I work on or among the social change efforts that I am involved in?
  • Do people recognize racial disparities in the space I work in?
  • How are disparities being explained, and why are some explanations favored in place of others? In what ways are the organizations, institutions, or systems that I participate in set up to create advantages for people in some groups relative to others?
  • What role have I or my organization played in maintaining these unequal institutions or systems? What can I do to change them? 
  • How am I part of the problem, and how can I be part of the solution?

Nonprofit Network can help and provide everything from equity assessments of your policies, strategic plans around systems, tools, workshops and samples.  Reach out to us and we can get you started. 

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