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  • Wednesday, March 12, 2014 2:33 PM | Regina Pinney (Administrator)
    Recruit board members with a plan – and share the plan with the candidates.
    Starting off your board development meetings with a statement that resembles “I know someone that may say yes” is a clear signal that all you are doing is filling the seats with beating hearts. Developing an engaged board member starts (and sometimes ends) with the recruitment and process.  
    Board members want to be part of an exclusive team and are honored and impressed that a board made every effort to be sure of a good fit, rather than simply seeking a beating heart that said yes. The recruitment process sets the expectations – any minimization of the legal duties, fundraising responsibilities or time commitment will eventually have a new board member asking if they have been tricked into making a commitment. 
    If the recruitment process is done poorly and without deliberateness – you will have a board member that shows up to three meetings and then disappears, rarely speaks or worse yet – micromanages (micromanagers are not “bad” board members, but board members who are seeking their role – guessing what, exactly, they should be doing.)  Set the bar high and lay out clear expectations of attendance, participation, donating, fundraising and leadership.  
    Learn how to create a recruitment process for your organization This Board's For You
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