Bridges Out of Poverty offers a new way to view the issue of poverty through the Triple Lens approach: 1) Individual, 2) Community, and 3) Structural/Policy.  This framework offers tools and resources that equip you to

  • Redesign programs to better serve people you work with 
  • Build skill sets for management to help guide employees 
  • Upgrade training for front-line staff like receptionists, case workers, and managers
  • Improve treatment outcomes in health care and behavioral health care
  • Increase the likelihood of moving from welfare to work.

Bridges Out of Poverty Workshops:

Upcoming Sessions

    • Wednesday, December 12, 2018
    • Wednesday, June 12, 2019
    • 7 sessions

    Peer Coaching Groups - Overview

    Peer Coaching Groups are designed to facilitate goal-setting, coaching and action learning within a small group of peers. Each group member decides what real-world goal or issue they wish to address and their peers coach primarily through asking open-ended questions to expand the member’s thinking. Members commit to taking action between meetings and report on progress and lessons learned. Peer Coaching Groups follow a very structured process that ensures that members work on issues that matter most, get help the way they need it and apply what they have learned.



    ·         In addition to being coached, members develop core coaching skills

    ·         Through open-ended questions and limited advice, members are able to tap their own knowledge and that of their peers

    ·         Members work on real challenges or goals – the things that matter most here and now

    ·         Members make new connections, receive feedback and gain new perspectives

    ·         Members are accountable to take action, so they learn by doing


Interested in having your organization trained in Bridges Out of Poverty?

Nonprofit Network is recognized as a Local Authorized Consultant agency by 

Aha! Process, Inc., the owners of the Bridges Out of Poverty framework.  

Our certified trainers are available to host workshops and facilitate conversations using the Bridges model and framework.  

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