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In less than one year, our country will embark on the 2020 Census.  Census numbers are used to determine how much the federal government will allocate to our communities for road funding, food assistance and education dollars.  The 2020 Census will also be used for redistricting. 

In the 2010 Census – Michigan was the only state in the country to loose population.  Estimates indicate that only 80% of our population was counted.  And those that were uncounted were mainly people of color, immigrants, people who live in poverty, people with young children and people from the LGBT population.  This means that for the past 10 years – these people were “unseen”.  It is very important that we change this.

Nonprofit Network is offering mini-grants to Jackson County groups and nonprofits to help reach the under-counted and ensure that everyone has a voice and is heard. 

  • Please read for more information about the Census and why it matters.  https://nonprofnetwork.org/blog/7592284
  • The mini-grant application is attached.
  • All hosted webinars have been recorded and are available below.

Please feel free to ask questions – or we can schedule a one-on-one call to discuss your project further. 

JTV Interview by Bart Hawley ~ Regina Pinney shares important Census 2020 Info November 19, 2019

Click HERE for information about the Jackson County MI Census 2020 Mini-grants


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