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Academy Expectations


For the benefit of all participants in the cohort, those registering for the Academy MUST commit to attending all seven sessions, prioritizing attendance over other commitments.   


The Academy will meet a total of seven times as a group with the following agenda: 

  • Check in how things have progressed since the last session regarding all the previous topics
  • Issues that arose since the last session
  • Interact among group on these issues
  • Introduce new topic
  • Discuss how new topic may be applied over the next month            


The Academy will operate as a cohort of no more than 10 participants, comprising ED's with fewer than five years of service in their current position.

Enrollment in the Academy includes a personal copy of the Michigan Nonprofit Management Manual ($95 value) that will support some portions of the sessions and serve as a valuable ongoing reference tool for the executive director


There is no prerequisite to the Academy. However, it will be advantageous for the participants to additionally attend Becoming Your Best ED, where many of the concepts and skill sets will be introduced. The Academy will pursue deep exploration and real life application with feedback in these areas.

Session Makeup

In the event that a participant must miss a session, they shall choose one of the two following processes:

  • Review the materials from the missed session and pose 3-4 questions to the cohort through our online platform (You may choose to run your questions by the presenter of the mission and/or ask for help formulating your questions.  The group can then respond to your questions
  • "Miss one, buy one." Buy breakfast, lunch, or coffee for a cohort member who attended, then discuss the content/session missed. After that occurs, you may schedule a call or video conference (15-30 minutes with the presenter of the session

Want to join, but you're not eligible?

If you cannot attend these dates or if you're an ED with +5 years of experience, let us know here and we'll contact you as future cohorts are formed

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