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Organization Membership Structure

Each organization is required to have a main contact person (bundle administrator) and may affiliate up to 25 board members and staff with the membership, allowing for sharing of Nonprofit Network member benefits.


Individual Membership Structure

Each individual is eligible for discounted member rates on events and workshops and certain member services. Individuals are not eligible for benefits designed for organizaitons. See items marked* below.


Member Benefits Snapshot

  • Discounts on workshops
  • 1 Hour of Consultation/month
  • Appeal Letter Review*
  • Grant Application Review*
  • Access to In Kind Donations of office supplies, furniture and equipment*
  • Hundreds of tools and templates
  • Free Networking Opportunities
  • Executive Director Networking Opportunities* - no charge
  • Volunteer Coordinator Networking Opportunities - no charge
  • Email Blasts Requests** - no charge  
  • Guest or group pricing for workshops*
  • Free Organizational Assessment*
  • Free Bylaw Review*
  • Free Assistance with Conflict of Interest, Whistleblowers and Document Destruction Policies*
  • Support with event registrations* (subject to approval, excluding fundraising events, must be convening or collaborating events)

* Individual memberships are not eligible for these benefits.

** Depending on the type of request, some may require a fee.  Download request form here: NN Email Blast Request Form


Member Services


Member Consultation *

• Provide Resources to assist in Developing a


Communication Plan
• External Communication Policies and Practices
• Internal Communications Policies and Practices

• Program Evaluation
• Internal Procedural Evaluation

Financial Management

Practices, Policies, State and Federal Compliance

• Annual Appeal letter guidance/ review
• Fund Development Planning
• Grant Writing Forum
• Grant Resource Search Assistance
• Grant Application Review – by appointment

Governance *
• Organization Assessments
• Board Assessments
• On site Board Governance workshops
• Bylaw and review - development assistance


Human Resources *
• Human Resource/Leadership Workshop

   - 2 Times/year
• Staff Assessment
• Developing a Job Description
• Employee Handbook

Information and Technology *
• Information Technology Assessment
• Information Technology Planning


Strategic Planning *
Packages from - 1 hour to Full Day

Transparency and Accountability *
Government Compliance


Volunteer Engagement *
Developing a Volunteer Engagement Plan


Professional Development 


Board Development Program*

Consulting/Technical Assistance*

Coordination, Information, Referral


* Individual memberships are not eligible for these benefits.



TOP Reasons YOU Should Join

1. Save Time and Money. Only our members benefit from FREE or discounted products and services. 

2. Network. Participate in Nonprofit Network events, visit with your peers, share ideas and exchange solutions.


3. Discounted Consulting Services. Build a stronger board, create a strategic plan, host an impactful and engaging retreat using one of our consultants.


4. Free Stuff. Nonprofit Network receives donations from corporations. We re-distribute these donations of office supplies and furniture giving priority to members.

5. Grant Application Review. Members can send their grant applications to us and we will review them at no charge.

6. Connect with Funders. We provide opportunities to connect with grant makers.

7. Access to Resources. Our website has hundreds of resources, templates, tools and sample policies and procedures.

8.Grow Your Capacity. Learn to lead and manage your nonprofit more effectively; attend trainings and conferences on essential topics such as fundraising, communication, governance, building your board, technology, human resources and leadership.

Become A Member


Membership dues/levels are based on an organization's operating budget. Please review the levels below to find out where your organization stands.


Consultant / $50.00

Level 1 / $35.00

(Individual) This is a limited, individual membership level and does not have the same access to benefits as nonprofit organizations. See list to left.

Level 2 / $65.00

Operational budget of less than $50,000

Level 3 / $150.00

Operational budget of $50,000 - $199,999

Level 4 / $200.00

Operational budget of $200,000 - $1.9 million.

Level 5 / $300.00

Operational budget over $2 million.




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