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FundaMental conversations for nonprofit boards

Guided Discussion Video Course

Getting people in the same room might be the biggest challenge. You’ve emailed, you’ve called, you’ve scheduled and rescheduled. Professional development is so important, but time is often difficult to coordinate as a group.

Nonprofit Network has developed a solution: Fundamental Conversations for Nonprofit Boards. Our team of experts have created this 7-part video course that prepares and frames your crucial conversations around board governance.

You can now offer your board professional development when it is most convenient for you. Each video is just 10 minutes or fewer and comes with a corresponding Discussion Guide.

Individuals can watch on their own before a meeting to discuss as a group, or you can view each video as a group over the course of several months—or even all at once in a retreat setting. 


  • Part 1 - Purpose of a Board
  • Part 2 - Duty of Loyalty
  • Part 3 - Duty of Obedience
  • Part 4 - Duty of Care
  • Part 5 - Structure
  • Part 6 - Board Leadership and the Executive Director
  • Part 7 - Recruitment and Orientation


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