About Nonprofit Network est. 1999 we're celebrating 25 years!

We help you navigate what can sometimes be the frustrating parts of a nonprofit. 

Nonprofit Network is a capacity building center - we help you build your organizational strength to succeed, thrive, deliver excellent programs that help those you care about, and most importantly achieve your mission. If you are looking for help, you made it to the right place. 

We invite you to explore:

  • Our website benefits - we have a ton of resources HERE and HERE that will help you today, right now, including on-demand learning opportunities. 
  • Our events calendar - we have a full calendar of professional development opportunities that are geared toward discussion and interactions, including board governance, fundraising, leadership development, starting a nonprofit and much more.
  • Our blogs - our team provides useful, thought provoking and insightful articles.

Membership at NN provides you cost effective 
access to services and resources. We encourage you to check out our
member benefits and join today. Our members favorite benefit is easy access to our experts at no additional charge. 

We also offer what you might need most - someone to listen to you and provide you with your customized answers or solutions. 

We have a full team of consultants who provide: 

    • Staff Retreats
    • Strategic Planning Services
    • Customized training that imbeds action planning
    • Executive and Leadership Training and Coaching - both individual and group opportunities

If you'd like to speak with someone, complete this quick form and someone will reach out within 3 business days to get you connected with the right person. If you need general information, feel free to email us at,  [email protected]

Nonprofit Network is Celebrating 25 Years of Impactul Collaboration with Nonprofits. You can learn more in our Press Release and about our mission, purpose, and people here: