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Seeking Peer Coaching Group Participants for our Online Sessions!

Are you interested in joining a Facilitated Coaching Group? Online meetings, customized for you, with your goals in mind?
  • Peer Coaching Groups are designed to facilitate goal-setting, coaching and action learning within a small group of peers. Each group member decides what real-world goal or issue they wish to address and their peers coach primarily through asking open-ended questions to expand the member’s thinking.

 If this sounds like something you are interested in, please click the link below to fill out a survey.  Groups will form as we identify participants that will form a cohesive group. Designed for Directors, their Direct Reports and Managers. Peer Coaching Group Interest Form

Professional Development Benefits:

  • In addition to being coached, members develop core coaching skills
  • Through open-ended questions and limited advice, members are able to tap their own knowledge and that of their peers
  • Members work on real challenges or goals – the things that matter most here and now
  • Members make new connections, receive feedback and gain new perspectives
  • Members are accountable to take action, so they learn by doing and following through

Peer Coaching groups will be created with no more than 8 people per group (minimum of 6 required).  Groups will form based on the information provided during the pre-registration form.  Each group is facilitated by a trained Cognitive Coach and each coaching session will last 2.5 hours.  Groups will meet for once a month for 7 sessions and this expands over a 6-8 month time frame.

Participation cost is:  $625/per member ~ $725/per non-member

Peer Coaching Group Interest Form

Testimonials -

 For me, the process has been super helpful and refreshing!   It has helped me to get out of my stinkin’ thinkin’.    I have brought 2 business related problems and 1 personal problem to be coached on at the sessions I have attended.   Each time I gained fresh perspective and insight from other leaders that come from an industry and parts of an organization that are different than mine.  Something that has become apparent to me in going through the coaching process is that no matter where my peers come from we tend to face similar challenges and something I have gone through in my past may help coach someone who is currently going through something similar and vice versa.   The process is very respectful and confidential.  Not once have I felt belittled.  It has actually been quite the opposite.  This has been very supportive and I highly recommend it! ~B Senior Director

 Peer coaching has definitely provided  some helpful insight into the areas that I have offered for feedback. I have found that many of the members of my group were facing similar challenges in their professional environment.  Because of this, the  opportunity to gather more ideas from others stories and relate it to your own were plentiful. I have left each session feeling like I was provided many useful ideas and perspectives. The members of my group were very kind and supportive. This experience was definitely worth my time and I would recommend it for anyone who is searching for  a fresh perspective.     ~J Executive Assistant

  Learning the model has helped in other aspects of my life.  The experience has helped me to focus on one particular area of my life with an action plan and accountability built in.  I am finding the experience very helpful! ~B Chief Executive Officer

If you would like more information or to speak with a Peer Coach please complete the below survey and someone will be in touch.

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