How to Build a Stronger Board

Nonprofit board members are stewards of the organization and have legal responsibilities to ensure that the organization is sustainable through sound ethical, legal and responsible governance.
Building a strong board takes time, commitment to your mission and a strong recruitment and orientation plan.

We Can Help

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Our team of highly-trained nonprofit consultants provide custom, one-on-one assistance. We can:
    • Facilitate a board self assessment
    • Coach the board chair
    • Facilitate your board orientation
    • Facilitate a customized session for your board

Resources: please see our On-Demand Resources page or visit our online learning center.
> Board Matrix
> Quick Board Assessment
> ED Evaluation Tool
> Foundations of Board Governance (on-demand) (FREE for members)
> Build a Nonprofit Budget Tool (FREE)
> Nonprofit Board 101 (Interactive Video)
Fundamental Conversations for Boards (7-part series)

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