“The Cross Cultural Council invites community members to attend this training to learn about, uncover, and address systemic racism, biases, and barriers for our community members.“


 The more diverse an organization is, the more productive it will be.

Having a better understanding of our personal cultural experience as well as that of our colleagues and clientele will lead to more cohesion
and greater effectiveness in our interactions.

With improved communication and understanding about cultural differences, staff will be better equipped to connect in a more productive manner with others.

Why would this be of value? diverse hands making a circle
               This Workshop Is Designed To:
  • Improve productivity and effectiveness 
  • Improve communication and public relations within staff and the clientele you serve 
  • Improve cohesion in the workplace 
  • Help diffuse workplace or service delivery tension inadvertently caused by culturally-charged slights, unconscious biases, or unintended offenses 
  • Improve job satisfaction, staff and customer buy-in, and loyalty




"Discover the value of practicing a more open and inclusive mindset into day-to-day operations."

Due to the group-work required at these sessions each workshop requires a minimum of 12 participants for beneficial learning.

Check the Event Calendar for an upcoming session.

 This series of workshops brought to you by the: Jackson Community Foundation 

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Interested in having your organization trained in Cross-Cultural Conversations? Here is why you should bring cultural awareness to your workplace:

"Cross-Cultural Conversations, Part I: Striving toward Improved Sensitivity in Communication and Clearer Understanding of the Effects of Privilege and Unconscious Bias"  2-3 Hour Session
  • Define cultural awareness, sensitivity, and competence
  • Identify issues of equality vs. equity
  • Recognize the influence of “isms” in our communication
  • Recognize privilege and bias
  • Identify ways to bridge barriers
 “Cross-Cultural Conversations, Part II: Steps to Overcoming Barriers"  2-3 Hour Session
  • Where do you stand on the continuum of awareness?
  • Addressing microaggression's
  •  Recognizing unconscious bias
  • Using tools to enhance communication and understanding     
Cross-Cultural Conversations is presented as either a 4-hour virtual Workshop, two 2-hour sessions or we offer a 1-hour introductory "commercial" session.  If you would like additional information on bringing Cross-Cultural Conversations to your workplace, please email; [email protected]