Starting a Michigan nonprofit is a noble but monumental task. Before you fill out any paperwork, it is important to take time to better understand key considerations, different types of charitable organizations, filing deadlines, and step-by-step phases to ensure your success.

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    • Thursday, September 01, 2022
    • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Online via Zoom
    • 42

    What is Bridges Out of Poverty?

    "Bridges Out of Poverty is a powerful tool designed specifically for social, health, and legal services professionals. It reaches out to the millions of service providers and businesses whose daily work connects them with the lives of people in poverty." (Aha Process)

    Bridges is not a program. It is a research-based framework of concepts, tools, and resources that equip people to reconsider how they approach their clients, their constituents, their neighbors, and their community.

    To comprehensively address the issue of poverty, we must look at it through three lenses: Individual, Institutional, and Community. This Triple Lens approach provides a comprehensive perspective on how we as individuals, organizations, and communities can eliminate poverty.

    Session Content (These sessions are not recorded)

    This 3-hour overview aims to help you think critically about your role to comprehensively address poverty. Its emphasis will be on the lens of the Individual and will introduce the following content:

    • Key Points and Constructs of Bridges
    • Mental Models of Economic Class
    • Hidden Rules
    • Resources

    Bridges Out of Poverty is a large framework, rich with resources and an amazing depth of content.  It takes a great deal of time to fully cover all of that material through the Triple Lens approach. The greatest level of change happens with the multi-day and full-day sessions. We know, however, that it’s simply not possible for many people to spend a full day in a workshop.  We therefore offer this 3-hour session that condenses the Bridges material to an overview of its most critical elements.  

    Designed for -

    Appropriate and relevant for anyone who lives, works, or volunteers in  Michigan by contract with Aha! Process, Inc. This presentation is appropriate and relevant for anyone who has a general interest in Bridges Out of Poverty and it will primarily focus on the Individual Lens and will motivate attendants to pursue Institutional and Community changes as well.

    A common outcome of this session is attendants bringing their learning back to their organization and advocating for a full or multi-day training, which allows time to sufficiently explore the "Triple Lens approach". 

    Testimonials - What did you like most about this session?

    "Eye-opening awareness of what's lacking in our own community."

    "The passion and personal experiences of the presenter."

    "Wow, I have middle-class bias I was not even aware of even though I'm one paycheck away from poverty myself."

    "Made me think of all the ways I could help my community."

    "Katena is fabulous, she really raises awareness and created new thoughts."

    "The global situations brought home using local statistics."

    "The suggestions of changes that can be made, even the small one's in the work-place to better serve the community and individuals we're hoping to assist."

    Bridges Out of Poverty: Community Sessions - FREE
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    unding provided by our partner:

    General Registration: $99  FREE

    Please refer to our Cancellation Policy


    Facilitated by:

    Katena Cain, PhD
    Nonprofit Management Consultant

    Katena loves to engage her audience. She has facilitated hundreds of workshops and easily connects with each participant.  She uses cognitive questions to help people customize information and then connect that information to their specific circumstances. People appreciate how approachable and relatable Katena is and how she creates comfortable spaces for honest conversation and impactful discussions. Read more about Katena HERE

    • Wednesday, September 21, 2022
    • 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
    • Online on Vimeo
    • 11

    Are you considering starting a nonprofit organization in Michigan?
    (Or know someone who is? - Please share!!) 

    Starting a nonprofit takes a considerable amount of time, understanding of financial management, leadership and managerial skills, and fundraising. 

    This recently "recorded 2.5 hour workshop" will help you identify what you need to consider before forming your organization as well as how to prioritize, plan, and complete the process.

    BONUS: Do this on your own time, no need to wait, or sit in a class or on Zoom. Participants will also receive Nonprofit Network's 100 page Guide to Starting a Nonprofit Booklet in PDF format. 

    Session Goals 

    • Understand the basic steps and legal requirements
    • Explore all the options including, a 501c3, L3C and a "B" Corporation
    • Learn about alternatives to starting a nonprofit
    • Find out if you are eligible for the new streamlined 1023ez application 

    Designed for

    Those not wanting to wait for a next scheduled event, appropriate and relevant for anyone considering or in the midst of starting a nonprofit organization in Michigan and interested in potential board members.

    Cost$50.00 (*includes the recorded workshop and $50 booklet in PDF format)

    You can also call or email me if you're interested in a group presentation for your entire organization or interested board members;  Tracey@Nonprofnetwork.org  or  517-796-4750

    *Once your payment has been received an email will be sent "within 2 business days" that includes a link to the video presentation and a copy of NN's "Guide to Starting a Nonprofit" booklet in pdf form.

    If you do not see these emails from Tracey@nonprofnetwork.org, please check your spam, junk, clutter, or other folders.
    Due to the links, we are at most times filtered out of your in-box.

    Also, once you've reviewed your video and guide, we're happy to answer any immediate and follow-up questions you may have specific to you and your organization, please send us an email to Info@Nonprofnetwork.org and we'll get right back to you or set-up a time to speak with a consultant.



    Learn more about Regina

    Regina Pinney,
    Executive Director

    Regina empowers people with knowledge and information, creating opportunities to build people’s strength and self-sufficiency. She rarely removes her coaching hat and loves to see people shift their perspectives. She connects every “what” with a “why” to ensure that you not only have a recipe for success but also understand how to use every ingredient for success in multiple ways. People enjoy that she is straightforward and provides impactful examples that allow people to apply the knowledge. Read more about Regina HERE

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