Mission  |  Vision  |  Values | Strategies

  • Mission:  Strengthen nonprofit governance and management.
  • Vision:  Transform the world by transforming nonprofits.
  • Values: Diversity and Inclusion, Integrity, Respect, Continuous Learning
Diversity and Inclusion:  Nonprofit Network strives to be a model of inclusion.  We engage all people with dignity and respect. 
We believe that bringing diverse individuals together is essential to effectively address the issues that face current and prospective partners. Our preferred future is not possible without addressing the systems that perpetuate racism and prevent underserved organizations from accessing benefits like the ones offered by Nonprofit Network.  Therefore, we commit to developing strategies and tactics to support our journey to become an antiracist organization. 
  • Nonprofit Network will refuse services to organizations who discriminate, perpetuate hate, uphold systems of oppression, or use hate speech.  
  • Nonprofit Network reserves the right to cease engagements with organizations who knowingly break laws or intend to commit fraud.  
  • Nonprofit Network will ensure employees are treated with dignity and respect by members and protect employees from discrimination, bullying, and unfair treatment. 
Integrity:  Nonprofit Network respects ethical principles, moral character, honesty, and transparency.  We believe integrity increases public confidence and trust.  We lead by example.  We demonstrate the practices we teach.
Respect:  Nonprofit Network listens deeply to what each person has to say and provides opportunities for diverse people to talk and influence each other.  We believe we have a mutually positive impact on each other.
Continuous Learning:  Nonprofit Network honors the path from novice to expert performance.  We learn from our experiences and shape our services accordingly.  We envision our potential.  We seek constant expansion of skills and mindsets through our continued learning.
  • Strategies: Relevancy, Growth, Sustainability, Equity.
Diverse, equitable, and inclusive organizations are more successful and sustainable. Our services  and professional development support and build your capacity to accomplish your mission. We meet you where you are.  Support is available for all nonprofit members, staff and volunteers through coaching, workshops and customized services in all areas including basic roles and responsibilities of boards, nonprofit finance, grant writing, fundraising and legal/ethical compliance.

Nonprofit Network strives to be a model of inclusion. We engage all people with dignity and respect. We believe that bringing diverse individuals together is essential to effectively address the issues that face current and prospective partners.

We have spent the last twenty three year's evolving to serve the diverse needs of nonprofits. We improve the impact and performance of fellow nonprofits by working alongside leaders to create high-quality strategic solutions that advance their missions in our communities.

Our work includes expert consultation, education, support and resources to ensure every phase of an organization’s operations are effectively geared toward achieving mission. Whether working to develop a strong board, better align an organization’s resources and vision, or finding new ways to communicate with constituents, Nonprofit Network helps nonprofit organizations find better, smarter, more efficient ways to work and serve their community. All nonprofit organizations are unique. The path to efficiency, transparency and accountability is different for everyone. Nonprofit Network customizes services for each organization based on where they are in their life cycle, mission and structure. Using industry best practices as our guide, we work with organizations to first ensure they understand best practice and good governance. We then build on this foundation by identifying achievable and realistic goals which can be attained with existing board and staff.

As it relates to strategic planning, Nonprofit Network has years of experience working alongside nonprofit clients to help them understand the perspective of their stakeholders, assess their capabilities to realize their mission and vision, and develop plans that will do more than just sit on a shelf. Nonprofit Network helps our nonprofit clients develop functional strategic plans that guide decision-making and cultivate that is intentional and proactive.

Nonprofit Network is a 501(c)(3)  TAX ID: 38-3444092