ED Academy Expectations

Commitment -
For the benefit of all participants in the cohort, those registering for the Academy MUST commit to attending all sessions, prioritizing attendance over other commitments.   

Schedule -
The Academy will meet a total of eight times as a group with the following agenda: 

  • Check in how things have progressed since the last session regarding all the previous topics
  • Issues that arose since the last session
  • Interact among group on these issues
  • Introduce new topics
  • Discuss how new topics may be applied over the next month            

Cohort - 
The Academy will operate as a cohort of no more than 15 participants, comprising ED's, CEO's, Managing Directors, or Direct Reports/ED Support with fewer than five - seven years of service in their current position.


Session Makeup - 
In the event that a participant must miss a session:

  • Review the materials from the Learning Center from the missed session and pose 3-4 questions to the cohort and/or run your questions by the presenter of the session and/or ask for help formulating your questions for the cohort.  The group can then respond to your questions.
  • Miss one, buy one. Buy breakfast, lunch, a coffee or schedule a virtual coffee for a cohort member who attended, then discuss the content/session missed. 

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