DISC Assessments and Facilitation

Improving Your Organization Capacity

Sometimes the difficult part about being part of a team or being a team leader is helping people learn to work together. A group of diverse people coming together to work on complex tasks and problems sounds ideal - until that group is frustrated, at odds and struggling to actually get anything accomplished.

Knowing and understanding communication and conflict styles, how you and others react under stress or frustration, what motivates  or de-motivates yourself and others. Your own (and your team's) strengths and weaknesses are keys to a thriving and enjoyable culture and working effectively and productively. 

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Improving working relationships, strengthening management skills, elevating leadership impact, or tackling conflict with a new mindset,  DiSC delivers insights and strategies to meet the unique needs of your people and your organizational culture.

The DiSC assessment tools and coaching services provides opportunities for teams and individuals to have:

  • In-depth self-discovery
  • Appreciation for differences in work styles
  • Strategies for successful interactions
  • Discovery of personal management styles
  • Insight into directing, delegating, motivating and building team
  • Strategies to support long term development
  • Simple and compelling leadership models
  • Insights to leverage strengths and overcome challenges
  • Self awareness around reactions to conflict
  • Understand the impact different conflict responses has on others 

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