Customized Services

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Highly trained facilitators, coaches and trainers provide trusted guidance & assessment for your specific needs. From strategic planning services to “quick questions”, we can help.

Each organization is unique.  Nonprofit Network customizes services that take into consideration your available resources, such as time, money, energy, to create a process that will work for your specific needs.  

Customized Board Governance -
One on one coaching for chair(s), Executive and other committees, committee planning, Board recruitment strategies, orientation/training or tools and tips to improve your board meeting agendas, structure and practices.

Executive Director Skill Building and ED Academy -
One on one coaching, leadership and management tools, increasing financial or human resource acumen, relationship building with own board and/or community partners.

Strategic Planning or Strategic Conversations -
Retreat (board and/or staff) facilitation to develop a 1-5 year strategic or operational planning services, that could include pre-work like community surveys, assessments, focus groups and interviews to collect data and inform the process. 

Succession Planning -
Retreat (board or staff) facilitation to develop a 1-3 year strategic or operational plan.

Customized Group Training -
Bring any of our events, workshops – or a new topic of your choosing – to your organization:

Fundraising Planning and Practicing -
Action planning, learn how to make an ask, develop a case statement.

Policy Development -
Review, improve existing policies or development of new policies and procedures.

Performance Evaluations -
Conduct staff satisfaction surveys, develop, improve or facilitate the Executive Director Evaluation process.

Grants, gifts and earned revenues allow us to serve all. Our approach to capacity building ensures all of our services are accessible to any sized organization through a tiered approach:

  • Membership provides access to tools, resources and experts at little to no cost. Membership dues are proportional to your budget size. 
  • Workshops provide applied, topic-specific assistance. These workshops are regularly provided virtually and in Michigan and the surrounding areas, and videos on demand. 
  • Other Custom Services, like consulting, facilitated strategic planning or on site board and staff training is provided at a reduced hourly rate.

Nonprofit Network is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization: 38-3444092