Business Services Directory Listing for Nonprofits

Do you provide services or discounted rates to nonprofits?

Serving nonprofit organizations, our Business Services Directory is an online searchable database of businesses and consultants that specialize in serving nonprofit organizations.

Listings within the Business Services Directory
 are available to active business's, consultants, nonprofits and *Nonprofit Network organization members. All are eligible for promotion within the directory as a nonprofit business services provider when you offer discounted rates, products, or services suitable for other nonprofits.

 Business level membership allows one individual eligible for discounted member rates on event workshops and our job board.
Business Services level members are not eligible for coaching and 
other benefits designed for nonprofit organizations.

Business Services Directory Member - $75/year

*If you are an existing organization member and would like to also be listed within our Business Services Directory,
you must use a unique email from your organization email already on file with us to take this form. If you need assistance with this please email, [email protected]

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Our Member Organizations and Business Services listed in our directories are members of Nonprofit Network.
This is not an endorsement of the organizations listed. They have identified themselves as specializing in serving nonprofits.
We strongly suggest that you perform your own due diligence prior to hiring any business or consultant either listed here or found independently.


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We Are Accessible

While we are always available to answer questions and provide nonprofit technical advice.  Organization membership grants you one free hour of organization focused coaching per month as well as many other services. Click here to read the full benefit list.