“I truly believe in the power of the nonprofit sector. We touch everything, we provide everything: parks, trails, art, reading programs, support for every trauma, medical research, housing, food, shelter, care for the kids and the elderly.  We provide basic needs and all of the things that enrich life. For those of us in this field, we must do it well, we must do it right. I am so proud to be part of Nonprofit Network and supporting a group of leaders, many of them volunteers, that are transforming this world."

round headshot of Regina Pinney in a blouse and grey sweater
Executive Director

DiSC® Certified Consultant


Regina is well known for her ability to deliver information in a practical, down-to-earth way that makes sense. She can see past symptoms to the root cause of the issue. Having worked all of her life in the nonprofit sector, she seeks to teach organizations to be self-sufficient. Regina excels at making people feel comfortable to safely discuss hard topics.

She has provided consultation to hundreds of nonprofits of all sizes and shapes throughout Michigan and beyond. She is an expert in nonprofit governance and management, with a special interest in bringing people with unique world views and experiences together to dialogue towards consensus on the issues that face their organizations.

Regina has a wide range of nonprofit experience. She has worked as staff, as a volunteer, and as a board member. Prior to becoming Executive Director of Nonprofit Network, Regina was a consultant and development director. She received her BA from Bowling Green State University a very long time ago.

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