5 Reasons Why You Should Up Your Networking Game

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Alyssa Turcsak
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One of the biggest challenges in our sector we hear often is how isolating this work can be. You put so much of your heart and energy into serving clients, rescuing animals, and protecting our planet that connecting with others doing similar work feels very low on the priority list. You’re not alone. Being under-resourced and underpaid leaves nonprofit employees stretched thin.

I’m here to acknowledge this to be true and to also encourage you to join us in reconnecting with your peers. The value of human connection is immeasurable. I recognize the sacrifices you must make to show up to a networking event in person or online. It isn’t always possible to make that choice between spending another hour trying to tackle your never-ending to-do list and spending time in a space where you discuss themes with strangers online.

I’d like for you to consider these 5 reasons why joining your peers in a networking session can serve you in a deep way to show up for your work differently. I’m also holding space for those who simply do not have this option. If you’re one of those people, let’s chat. I can meet you during unconventional hours to chat and brainstorm. Always remember that you aren’t alone.


5 Reasons to Network:

  1. Emotional support. Meeting with people like you who “get” it can make all the difference. We all desire empathy and understanding. Talking to your peers who are navigating the same type of programmatic, staff relationships, and funding concerns offers a place for deep listening and understanding to occur even if they don’t have all of the answers.  

  2. Collaboration. You may learn something new about an organization that is offering a service that would benefit the people you serve. Because you care deeply about the whole person, equipping yourself with additional knowledge of who else is supporting the same type of work creates ripple effects for your community. Is there a problem that you can tackle together with someone outside of your organization in a new partnership?

  3. Innovation. An organization is piloting a new program that has never been tried. You can listen and learn about how they are approaching their work. It offers an opportunity to share new ideas and the ability to continue innovating our sector.

  4. Expanded Resources. Access to resources that help you grow in your capacity, funding opportunities, and even new relationships with the people in the networking event help you to expand your reach and mission delivery.

  5. Professional Development. We’ve all practiced our elevator speeches. Having the opportunity to speak to a group of people about what you do and why you care about it in an informal environment will strengthen your confidence as a nonprofit professional.

Recent feedback from some of our clients and members are how beneficial it would be to host networking groups based on the mission type as our current offerings are based on your role type. We’re looking at exploring this option for 2023 so please stay tuned. If you would find this especially helpful, please do let us know.

We’re all just people trying to do our best. Sharing space with people who understand what that means is nourishing for the heart and the mind. Please remember to give yourself a high-five today. You really are changemakers and it is my honor to support the world-changing work you do.

Please Join Us at our next few networking events. These are all being held virtually on Zoom and you are invited. Open to anyone who works or volunteers in the nonprofit sector.

Upcoming Networking Opportunities through Nonprofit Network:


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