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Cross-Cultural Conversations ~ A Series of Dialogues for More Equitable Communities on Zoom
Tuesday, February 21, 2023, 9:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT
Category: Cross Cultural Conversations

The Cross-Cultural Conversations Council invites community members to attend this important training to learn about, uncover, and address systemic racism, biases and barriers for our community members.
Through self-assessment and facilitated activities, participants gain increased understanding of their personal background and perspective on the implications of how their experience affects how they think and react to others from different backgrounds.

Organizations discover the value of practicing a more open and inclusive mindset into day-to-day operations

*Two Virtual Sessions - Feb. Tues. the 21st & Thurs. the 23rd from 9:00 am - 11:00 am
Agenda: "Cross-Cultural Conversations, Striving toward Improved Sensitivity in Communication and Clearer Understanding of the Effects of Privilege and Unconscious Bias and Steps to Overcoming Barriers

·         Define cultural awareness, sensitivity, and competence
·         Identify issues of equality vs. equity
·         Recognize the influence of “isms” in our communication
·         Recognize privilege and bias
·         Identify ways to bridge barriers
·         Where do you stand on the continuum of awareness?
·         Addressing micro-aggression's
·         Recognizing unconscious bias
·         Using tools to enhance communication and understanding

Having a better understanding of ourselves, our colleagues, and our clientele will lead to more cohesion and greater effectiveness in our interactions. With improved communication and understanding, staff will be better equipped to adjust expectations and connect in a more productive manner with others.

Additional information-

  • You will need video and audio in order to benefit from and participate fully with the other virtual attendees.
  • Please be camera ready, we will ask you to share your cameras during the presentation and to join our break-out room sessions.
  • Please plan to arrive 10 minutes early as these sessions will need to start on-time to present the full content.  
  • The group-work required at these sessions requires a minimum # participants. Please commit to this time once registered for beneficial learning for all.
  • *These sessions are not recorded and shared.

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Costs waived: Thanks to the generous sponsor who has made this event available at no-cost: 

If you need assistance with a cancellation or a change in your registration, or if you are interested in bringing this important work to your organization,
please email [email protected] or call our office at 517-796-4750

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