round headshot of Tracey in a grey and black sweater

Tracey Wilson
Program Coordinator

Tracey serves as the Program Coordinator at Nonprofit Network, where she orchestrates the intricate details of our programs, events, website, tech support, and social media. She embodies a crucial pillar of support within Nonprofit Network's mission, vision, team, and organizational framework.

Prior to her tenure at Nonprofit Network, Tracey accumulated diverse experience in corporate office support, computer support, and management roles within Information Technology and Customer Service. With notable stints at prominent companies like IBM, HP, Dell, and Citi Mortgage in Ann Arbor, MI, Tracey honed her skills and expertise.

Possessing certifications such as A+ and other technical certifications, Tracey discovered her profound satisfaction in providing personalized assistance to others during her tenure in support roles. Transitioning into the nonprofit sector, she now finds gratification in the opportunity to directly impact Michigan communities, a place she has called home since 1999.

Leveraging her adeptness in targeted marketing, Tracey has significantly expanded Nonprofit Network's reach across Michigan and even ventured our services into other states. Since joining the team in 2019, she has been instrumental in driving the organization's growth and is enthusiastic about its promising future. 

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