Welcoming the New Year

Happy New Year!

We at Nonprofit Network are so grateful for all the blessings that we received in 2022 – even the ones wrapped as challenges, puzzles, and barriers.  Each of us is so honored to walk and work alongside our nonprofit partners to build better communities, and most importantly, better outcomes for those you serve.

With deep gratitude, thank you for the passion you bring to your work. 

We’d like to take a moment to share the impact you have had on us. 

“This year has been filled with an abundance of passion. Having the opportunity to hear your stories and learn about why you choose to dedicate your life to the missions you serve has been my favorite part of my role. You are the reason I love the nonprofit sector.  In 2023, I’m most looking forward to continuing to build relationships with all of you. I cannot stress enough how much I love hearing your stories. If you have a story to tell, I am your person. Let’s get together!” Alyssa Turcsak, Outreach Coordinator

Still reeling from the ramifications of a global pandemic and all that goes with it; it has been so grounding and satisfying to work with and support a broad cross-section of nonprofits who are in the field making a difference in countless ways.  When jobs were lost, it was you who kept families fed; when senior citizens became isolated, it was you who made visits; when hospital staff were overwhelmed, it was you who sent uplifting messages.  As I look to 2023, I am hopeful Nonprofit Network’s mission to “strengthen nonprofit governance and management” and our programs, workshops, coaching and facilitations will make you stronger, more knowledgeable, and skilled to fulfill your missions and carry-out your critical programs and services. Sharon Castle, NN Consultant and Facilitator

In 2022, I enjoyed assisting onboarding Nonprofit Network’s new staff and board members.  I’ve enjoyed interacting with and meeting new members.  In addition, 2022 has been a year of completing important projects and developing new internal processes and procedures.  In 2023, I look forward to continuing to streamline our processes and procedures to better strengthen our organization and to better serve our members.  Jessica Chipman, Office Manager

I've enjoyed developing relationships with our members and being of service to them by providing tools and resources that help move their work forward. In 2023, I'm looking forward to continued creativity and collaboration with this amazing community of nonprofit organizations. Stormy Trotter, NN Consultant and Facilitator

"I very much enjoyed the development of new partnerships and getting to know so many wonderful people with such caring missions to serve their communities. In the upcoming year, it will be very exciting to help develop more and better programs and services to support the nonprofit sector and those that it benefits." Brett Heflin, NN Consultant and Facilitator

As I’m looking forward to 2023 and planning and reviewing our event calendar, I started reflecting on 2022 and how busy we were with clients, new and old and serving their and our community’s needs. We made staff changes, we met more in-person, we’re reaching outside of Michigan, we built a new website, and have a new satellite office all to better serve our clients. For 2023 I’m looking forward to our continued growth, getting out in the community more and building the new on-demand resources we’ve been excited for. Personally, I’m looking forward to more time with friends and a growing family and time for some home renovations. Happy Holidays everyone, this entire amazing team I work with is looking forward to working with you! Tracey Wilson, Program Coordinator

I enjoyed, Starting an exciting new career journey (new job) with Nonprofit Network. I am looking forward to more adventures with our continuously growing and supportive team. Best wishes! Denice Gravenstijn, Consultant Support Specialist

Reflecting on 2022 has allowed me to be grateful for the work that we do to serve and support many communities across Michigan. I am particularly grateful for the opportunity to get back in-person with some of our partners and members that I missed seeing face-to-face. I am especially excited to do more of this in 2023. Additionally, I am looking forward to working with and watching the organizations that we assist flourish and grow. Katena Cain, NN Management Consultant and Facilitator


It is such an honor to have a front row seat watching ideas come to life and organizations grow. I have a unique advantage to watch people take information and apply it and this brings me great satisfaction.  I get the privilege of knowing many people and with that comes the responsibility of connecting these people in a way that advances communities and purpose.  I am thrilled when these introductions turn into collaborations and partnerships.  I work with an amazing team of professionals who see the good in people and their intentions. Like all of you, Nonprofit Network has had a year of transformation and growth. We were able to share our lessons learned and apply yours to our own efforts to build our capacity.  I am excited to see what 2023 brings!
Regina Pinney, Executive Director

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